Wednesday, January 30, 2002

memo (memo廣播電台): [shocked in bottom of heart]

I watched a tv program today...
from that program i learned about the greatest thing in
the world: True love,brave heart,and willing to do things
with no fear...
It's a great true story. I was really shocked and touched.
It says a boy who suffers from some sort of strange illness
and will never be healed.

He has faced lots of trouble since he was born.
He didn't leave hospital until he was six...
His lovly mother show one hundred percent of her love to her child.
She always tried the best way to give him education and respect.
Sometimes she felt very dispressed ,after all she overcame problems,
and keep humor to deal with teases from other people.

full story:
2002/01/29 the big society
there are many story for us to see between our lives
Maybe I am a geek....

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