Sunday, October 13, 2002

memo (這樣也很好過): How to find your own way of life or your style?

You have to learn and feel,
learning is the quickest way to find a road to go,
you can see other people go in front of you ,
then you know what you will see in your future,
then you can decide what you will do and whether you like it or not.

Second,what you feel is the most truely thing you can get from the world.
so, you must trust yourself in the first place,
then you can make others trust you in turn.

You have to do many things to train your ability,
that is,you are practicing and preparing to be the best.
Once you get some chanes or opportunities,
That's the time you feel like you were the happpiest person in the world

That feeling is very hard to share with some body,
but it's very sweet.
It's fun,it's free,it's open

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